Terms and conditions

Last revision : Wednesday, Oct 10 2018 at 10:30 pm (GMT +0800)

What can you do at this website?

You are free to use and or share any information published in this website for any good purpose such as helping others in solving their programming issues. Please write your comment either in Bahasa Malaysia or English only. However you should aware to rules of certain stuffs such as PHP, MySQL and also any content that was copyrighted to the appropriate owners. Please refer to their website for further details about their terms and conditions.

Prohibited activities

You are prohibited to do any activity that is considered as destructive including hacking attempt, abusive login attempt, etc. You are also prohibited to post any negative comment such as hate speech to any party. I may suspend your user account, and or lodge report to the authority body if needed once found any such activity.

Additional information

I may revise any contents in this website for any reason without prior notice. Please refer to the last revision notice at the top of this document.